REVIEW – The Treatment, Almeida Theatre London. May 2017.



REVIEW – Hamlet, Almeida Theatre London. April 2017.

Legger Simon has a MAD crush on Andrew Scott, so for him; the man could just stand there and say nothing for a couple of hours and he’d be happy.

Back at the helm for this show was Robert Icke who reassembled many of the creatives from Oresteia (which was sublime). But had we seen it all before?

REVIEW – Mary Stewart, Almeida Theatre, London. February 2017.

With incomparable talents Lia Williams and Juliet Stevenson, we had high hopes for performance in this piece.

Teamed with a creative team including Robert Icke at the helm, well, this was set to be one of the theatrical highlights of the year!

The choice of who plays the Virgin Queen and who played the Queen of Scots was decided each night on the toss of a coin.

Who did we get playing who and what did we think of the piece? Watch the vid to find out.