REVIEW – Don Juan in Soho, Wyndhams Theatre London. April 2017.

More Patrick Marber after his adaptation of Hedda Gabler and before Travesties (which we saw the following day) – it’s a bloody good job we like him!

He not only wrote this show but he also directed – clearly a man of many talents.

There was no escaping the fact that a previous Dr.Who was playing the lead as the stage door was MANIC after the show – but this was a massive ensemble show, and we loved their work just as much as Mr. Tennant.


REVIEW – Raising Martha, Park Theatre. February 2017.

A piece about stolen dead bodies, drugs and psychedelic frogs?

Sure, why not!

A brand new comedy, this with a plot line like that could have gone one way or an other.

When you go in with no expectations, shows can either disappoint you or surprise you. Which did Raising Martha do?