INTERVIEW – Andrew Keates, Theatre Director.

After being SO impressed with Chinglish, we were eager to find out just exactly how Andrew Keates had pulled off such a fabulous production AND in two languages.

Luckily enough, he granted us an audience (via the marvel of Skype) to ask just that!

Find out what he had to say.

REVIEW – Chinglish, Park Theatre London. April 2017.

A director that doesn’t speak Mandarin, directs a duel-language comedy? What could possibly go wrong?

Another one we walked into pretty “blind”, just knowing it was a comedy set in China and had a run on Broadway.

A UK premiere – we love to be on the crest of the wave.

REVIEW – Raising Martha, Park Theatre. February 2017.

A piece about stolen dead bodies, drugs and psychedelic frogs?

Sure, why not!

A brand new comedy, this with a plot line like that could have gone one way or an other.

When you go in with no expectations, shows can either disappoint you or surprise you. Which did Raising Martha do?