REVIEW& INTERVIEW – Miss Nightingale, The Vaults London. April 2017


An innuendo-laden musical, set in 1940s London with a gay love story amidst bombs dropping? Sounds right up our street.

The venue itself was a treat alone. The old railway arches underneath Waterloo station are now an amazing entertainment venue with theming, the likes you’ve never know. VERY atmospheric.

We even caught up with the LOVELY creative team and found out more about the journey Miss Nightingale had to the stage.

But was this relatively new musical break a leg or leg it?


REVIEW – A Haunting – The Vaults, London. March 2017.

The setting for this one was special. The old railway arches underneath Waterloo station. Dripping with water, hanging stalactites and a musky smell – atmosphere was definitely not lacking in the auditorium.

Was the piece going to be eerie? Spooky? Scary? We knew NOTHING before heading in. So, come on a journey with us as we prepare for “A Haunting”.